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Improvement of ecology and improvement of villages

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


Deputies support the idea of ​​restoring oak forests in our republic. In the course of the Committee meeting they considered, comments and suggestions to the law-in-draft "On approval of the state program for restoration of tall oak forests on the lands of the State Forest Fund of the PMR for 2020-2040".

According to experts, oak forests carry out important functions of environmental protection, as well as increase the quality and productivity of the forests of Pridnestrovie. The ecological balance in nature largely depends on the state of forests. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, today the area of oaks in our republic is 6,1 thousand hectares, or 29% of the total forest area. Natural oak forests grow on an area of ​​3.5 thousand ha.

The committee will recommend the Supreme Council the law-in-draft for adoption in final reading.

To provide village administrations with building materials – with this purpose, amendments have been made to the law “On Payments for Environmental Pollution and the Use of Natural Resources”. It is proposed to exempt enterprises engaged in mining operations from payments for the use of subsurface resources. They will not allocate money to the budget for the amount of sand and gravel that was donated to the village administrations. In turn, the rural administrations will use these building materials for the improvement of settlements, social and cultural facilities and road repairs. In addition, socially vulnerable categories of citizens who will use sand and gravel for their needs will provide building materials.

The committee will recommend the Supreme Council to adopt the law-in-draft in final reading.

Deputies of the Committee supported the amendments to the PMR law “On the republican budget for 2020”, which was initiated by the PMR Government. It is proposed to exempt organizations involved in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads from paying royalties to the state based on the results of activities for 2019. The profit remaining at the disposal of state-owned enterprises in the road sector will be directed to the acquisition of the necessary equipment for modernization and technical re-equipment of the production base. Such an initiative arose due to the fact that funds from road development programs are insufficient. Today, the fleet of machines and mechanisms is morally and physically worn out, which leads to more expensive work.

The committee will recommend the Supreme Council adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.