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Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


Most of the issues on the agenda of the Supreme Council Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance were considered in the second reading mode. Before considering the draft budget by parliamentarians for the next year, life forces us to make amendments to the law "On the Republican Budget for 2017". Income and, accordingly, expenditure part of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund will be increased by 3.5 million rubles due to the deductions of one of the major debtors. Regarding the financial condition of the fund, the Deputy Sergei Cheban, who participated in the meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance, once again drew the attention of the parliamentarians to the fact that previously planned 30 million rubles for the purchase of medical equipment is intended to be used to cover the deficit Unified State Social Insurance Fund with the aim of timely and in full payment of pensions and social benefits. At the same time, addressing the people's electors in the course of their regular receptions by citizens on personal issues, there are many voter complaints that there are no elementary equipment for simple research-analyzes in paramedic and obstetric stations located in rural settlements. It was agreed that the joint efforts of the deputy corps and the government will attempt to find additional financial resources for this in the framework of consideration of the draft republican budget - 2018.

At the plenary session September 13, the Supreme Council adopted the law "On the Tax on Income of Organizations", according to which taxpayers from among legal entities should transfer this tax to the budget in two stages: by the 10th of the month following the reporting, - not less than 50 % of total payments, the rest - in the second decade of the month. At today's meeting of the Committee on Economics, deputies voted for the adjustment of this parameter to the lesser side - not less than 30%. For violation of this norm, financial liability will be provided in the form of accruing penalties for each day of delayed tax payment.