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At the Control of Public Organizations


On the extreme importance and necessity of replenishing the legislative base of the republic with such laws as "On the Public Chamber of the PMR" and "On the Basics of Public Control in the PMR," Vadim Krasnoselsky said in the election program. Deputies of the profile parliamentary committee Igor Buga, Pavel Shinkaryuk, Sergei Khankevich, Andrey Safonov were the authors of these legislations, which passed the procedure of the first reading in the framework of the spring session.

Representatives of the Public Chamber, All over Pridnestrovian People's Forum, the Youth Parliament were invited at the current meeting of the responsible committee. They took an active part in the discussion of legislations prepared for the adoption in the second reading.

According to the law-in-draft "On the Basics of Public Control in the PMR", the participants of the discussions held during the meeting of the Committee of the Supreme Council on Public Associations, Sport, Information and Youth Policy of the discussions made a number of comments on the table of amendments submitted for adoption in the second reading. In particular, the official representative of the President in the Supreme Council, Anastasia Kipyatkova, insisted on adopting the wording "public councils of cities and districts", and not as previously suggested, "public councils under heads of state administrations of cities and districts". The first wording is contained in the decree of the President, which regulates their activities.

Representatives considered it advisable that the text of the law-in-draft reflected not only the public organizations that included it, but also the forum itself as a consolidating their nationwide social movement. They also suggested adding "public control" to the notion of "public monitoring".

In the future, with the adoption of these legislative acts, the Government will be entrusted to create a website under the conditional name "Electronic Democracy" for feedback from the public.