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Labor is a noble work

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


The law-in-draft was drafted with the aim of legal regulation of the conditions ensuring labor education in the educational process, was introduced as legislative initiative by the deputy of the Supreme Council, Mikhail Burla.

In the course of the meeting of the profile committee, the importance of adopting this law-in-draft was noted, since in accordance with the PMR Law "On Education" one of the principles on which the state policy in the sphere of education is the education of diligence. Psychological foundation is created for creative activity and productivity in educational activities, in physical education and sports, in amateur art activity through labor education. The requirements for labor education and professional self-determination as the results of education are presented in each state educational standard at all levels of education.

Representatives of the executive body of state power, responsible for education issues, took part in the discussion of the law-in-draft. They noted that education as a specially organized, controlled and controlled process of purposeful personality formation is an integral part of the pedagogical process and cannot do without the formation of positive attitudes to various types of work and creativity.

The amendment to the law-in-draft proposed to expand the norm regulating the peculiarities of labor education by defining its types. Deputies of the committee supported the law-in-draft in the second reading, and will recommend it to the adoption of the deputy corps in the framework of the plenary session.