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Road Construction - Subject to License

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


The working week in the parliament began with the meeting of the Committee on Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry. The parliamentarians considered a number of amendments to the law "On licensing of certain types of activities". The author of the law-in-draft is the government. It proposed to classify such a type of activity as construction, reconstruction, capital and medium repairs of motor roads and road structures.

This rule is spelled out in a government decree. It is proposed to consolidate the provision of legislation. As Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ivan Untu emphasized, road organizations with the introduction of amendments in additional financial costs will not incur. At the same time, the state will be able to establish certain requirements for equipment and skills of personnel performing this type of work. The developers are sure: this will improve the quality of roads.

Deputies of the profile committee supported the law-in-draft, noting that work on improving the quality of roads should be systemic.

The parliamentarians also recommended that the deputy corps adopt in the first reading a legislation drafted by the deputies Victor Guzun, Vadim Kravchuk and Vadim Doni. The amendments concern the law "On the individual entrepreneurial patent". It is proposed to specify the list of certain goods that are prohibited for production and sale by individual entrepreneurs. We are talking about some types of technical equipment.

The final decision on this law-in-draft is up to the deputy corps.