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Construction work without a license


Work on amendments to the law “On licensing of certain types of activities” continued in the course of the meeting. The amendments were considered by the deputies of the Committee in the second reading.

Deputies of the Committee analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that the type of licenses, which is defined by the law on licensing and is related to the construction industry, regulates even those types of work that, at first glance, can be done with fairly simple mechanisms and tools. And these types of work can be carried out by specialists who are not highly qualified.

The deputies of the Committee proposed to establish that for organizations providing services in the field of construction, it is not required to obtain a license to carry out work not related to the creation, modification or demolition of structural elements of buildings and structures.

In the course of the meeting of the Committee, work was completed on amendments to the Law on Procurement. All issues concerning the mechanism for implementing this law in our republic were agreed with representatives of the executive authorities. Earlier the law was adopted by the Supreme Council in 2018. It included many new provisions that are already working in the Russian Federation. However, its action was suspended due to the complexity of implementation in our conditions. In order for the law to work effectively, as well as the procurement activities of the state, the executive authorities needed more time and some corrections of the adopted law itself. Work on the harmonization of a number of legislative norms has been carried out by parliament and the Government for more than a year. At the last meeting of the Committee, all controversial issues were finalized.

The law “On Procurement in the PMR” will come into effect on January 1. First, it will apply to pilot projects, and from July 1 - to all customers. The law will determine the procedure for conducting state and municipal procurements. The main provisions of the law are based on the planning of public procurement. In addition, all public procurement will be held through an open auction.

In addition, the law “On Procurement in Pridnestrovie” provides for the creation of a site on which full information on all purchases will be posted in the public domain. Everyone will be able to familiarize themselves with information about which purchases are planned and what conditions exist. It will be possible to monitor who won the auction, as well as whether any purchase was made or not.

The Committee will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the Law on Procurement in Pridnestrovie in final reading.