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Stimulating employers


The epicenter of the working week was marked by meeting of the Supreme Council Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood. The working agenda has a wide variety of issues - from temporary employment of adolescents to state support for large families.

The Government has taken a legislative initiative to reduce the unified social tax from 25 to 12 percent for those employers who gives employment to minor Pridnestrovians between the ages of 14 and 18 for temporary work during holidays.

Answering the question of the deputy Vladimir Pelin, the First Deputy Minister for Social Protection and Labor Oleg Fedotov noted that in accordance with the norms of the Labor Code adopted in 2002, work of minors from 14 to 18 years of age is not a use of child labor - in accordance with applicable law they are allowed work. This employment is temporary with a shortened work schedule and special, sparing working conditions. An employer will have the right to reduce the unified social tax only if he hires an adolescent over the state. In fact, it is about creating new jobs. This benefit, according to the Head of the state tax service Maxim Badenko, will be applied during the financial year.

During the vote for the recommendation of the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft on amendments to the law "On the Unified Social Tax and the Compulsory Insurance Contribution" in the first reading, the votes of the deputies of the relevant parliamentary committee were divided evenly - two by two.

Another measure of social assistance to citizens by the state is spelled out in the law-in-draft "On state support for large families". The document deals with the allocation of financial resources for each child of a large family (under the age of 18 years), in which 10 or more children are raised, for the annual acquisition of educational supplies. The planned amount is 24 MW. It is assumed that only those families whose income does not reach 100% of the average subsistence minimum will have the right to this payment. These are just those families who are in a disadvantaged social position.

In addition, for families raising from five to nine children, 50% discount is provided when paying for the use of heat, water, gas and electricity, as well as an elevator. For those raising ten or more children, this discount is 75%.

Another law-in-draft that has a pronounced social character passed the second reading in the course of the Committee meeting. They are supposed to exempt the disabled from group I of the general disease, labor injury, occupational disease, illness received during the military service, the disabled from childhood of group I, as well as children under three years old from fees for maintenance and repair of elevators. In the latter category, according to the Settlement and Information Center of the republic, there are 700 people. In case of the adoption of this law-in-draft by the Supreme Council, benefits can be provided on the basis of applications from citizens. It is planned that the norms of this law will come into force from the new fiscal year.

In the framework of the meeting of the parliamentary committee on social policy, health care, labor, family and childhood, its deputies also discussed possibility of providing benefits to prosecutors on public transport, improving the delivery of medicines to the republic, as well as remuneration of public sector employees, in particular representatives of the so-called cross-cutting professions.