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Saving the Dniester

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


Deputies of the Committee of the Supreme Council on Agribusiness, Transport, Construction, Natural Resources and Ecology held a regular meeting. One of its results was a recommendation to colleagues on the deputy corps to adopt in the second reading the legislative initiative of Oleg Leontiev, Chairman of the Committee on Amendments to the Law on Fisheries and the Preservation of Aquatic Biological Resources of Pridnestrovie. Earlier in order to restore the biobalance of the Dniester River, the law-in-draft is proposed to temporarily, for a period of three years, prohibit commercial fishing.

Parliamentarians considered a number of significant amendments to the law-in-draft. In particular, it is proposed to prohibit underwater hunting in the Dniester, except for specially designated places for these purposes. However, the legislators approved the proposal for fishing for one rod and two hooks for amateur anglers. Deputies received appeals on this issue: citizens asked why this rule is not provided for in the bylaw on the prohibition of fishing, which operates during spawning. Parliamentarians agreed with an amendment permitting commercial fishing, as well as underwater hunting at the Kuchurgan reservoir.

Members of the responsible parliamentary committee in the course of the discussion of the law-in-draft for consideration by the plenary session proposed to instruct the specialized executive authority to monitor the state of the Dniester during the ban on commercial fishing. The results of these studies, according to parliamentarians, should be placed in the mass media. They will show what effect the amendments to the law will have.