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Improving the system of local self-government


A number of issues relating to the work of executive and representative bodies of local authorities were considered in the course of the meeting of the Committee of the Supreme Council on State Regional Policy. The parliamentarians recommended adopting in the second reading of a law-in-draft proposing to determine the right of a deputy of the local council in case of non-fulfillment or violation of the law to send a request to the chairman of the council, his deputy, the head of the state administration, and also the heads of the enterprises, institutions, organizations and territorial Divisions of state bodies. After discussing the amendments, it was decided to supplement the list of possible addressees of the deputy request by the procurator of the city (district), the head of the village administration.

A request to interpret the concept of "the owner of a municipal unitary enterprise (MUP)" was received from deputies of the Tiraspol city council, the profile committee.  The management problems of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise were most acutely felt last year in the absence of interaction between city councils and state administrations.

In the course of the meeting, parliamentarians also recommended adopting in the second reading a law-in-draft setting a zero rate of the customs duty on the import of electricity, gas and water meters into the republic.