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Improvement of legislation in the sphere of education


Members of the profile committee together with the invited guests discussed the issues on the agenda of the meeting. Among them there are amendments and additions to the laws "On Education" and "On Higher and Post-Graduate Professional Education", designed to regulate the procedure for the recognition of education certificates issued by foreign educational organizations. As it was said in the explanatory note to the draft law, "recognition of documents of foreign states on education, academic degrees and academic ranks is understood as the consent of the relevant agencies of state power of PMR for the validity of these documents on the territory of our republic".

The author of the initiative, Deputy Mikhail Burla proposes to recognize and not to nostrify documents on the formation of the state model issued by accredited educational organizations of the Russian Federation. According to the developer, the adoption of the initiative will be a logical and expedient step in the framework of the adopted course for the harmonization of Pridnestrovian legislation with the Russian one.

For information: the Government of Russia in 2013 issued the Order No. 1694-r "On Approving the List of Foreign Educational Organizations that Issue Documents on Education and (or) Qualifications Recognized in the Russian Federation". According to this document, the list of foreign educational organizations was approved, which issue documents on education and (or) qualifications recognized in the Russian Federation. According to this document, the Russian Federation recognizes documents on education issued in 201 foreign universities from 23 countries.

Tables of amendments have been prepared for consideration of documents in the framework of the second, final reading. Taking into account the proposals, made during the meeting, they will be submitted to the consideration of the deputy corps.

In the second, final reading, members of the Committee recommended adopting amendments to the law "On Education" aimed at protecting the rights of citizens planning to obtain higher professional education. The author of the law-in-draft, Mikhail Burla, proposes to establish a deadline for introducing changes in the procedure for admission and a list of admission tests for educational programs of higher professional education - bachelor's and specialist programs. At the heart of the initiative there are numerous appeals on the cases of changes in the rules of admission to higher education institutions, not long before the entrance examinations.