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On social guarantees and further training of doctors

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


Parliamentarians Sergei Cheban and Ilya Vasilyev proposed to supplement the law "On individual entrepreneurial patent", thereby delineating such activities as "massage" and "medical massage". Legislative initiative of deputies was considered during the meeting of the profile committee. As explained by the authors of the law-in-draft, the document was developed on the basis of numerous appeals of citizens who, having completed the organization of education in the specialty "masseur", can not realize the right to work.

The parliamentarians proposed to supplement the law with a new activity "Massage, with the exception of medical massage", for which medical education and a license are optional, noting that such a norm also applies in Russian legislation. The Committee recommended that the initiative is adopted in the first reading.

Members of the Committee discussed amendments to the law "On protection of public health", submitted by the government. According to the developer, doctors should undergo certification and receive a specialist certificate every five years, after which they are allowed to continue working. Today this document is issued on the basis of post-graduate professional education, in particular, residency. The government supposes that the proposed measure will encourage doctors to improve their skills. The deputies of the Committee expressed their disagreement with the concept of the law-in-draft.

Parliamentarians recommend rejecting the legislative initiative. The quality of health, they suppose, depends on many factors, including the quality of vocational education.

Deputies also discussed a law-in-draft aimed at supporting large families. The author of the document, Oleg Vasilaty proposed to supplement the law with the norm, according to which a certificate of a single sample that confirms the rights and privileges of families with many children is issued for the period when children reach the age of eighteen.

However, by law, large families are guaranteed state support, regardless of the availability of the certificate. Parliamentarians fully supported the law-in-draft of the colleague of the deputy corps and recommended that the Supreme Council adopt it in the second reading.