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Social support for large families

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


State policy aimed at social support of large families is implemented to improve the demographic situation in the republic. Its confirmation was the adoption of amendments to the law "On State Support for Large Families" in the course of the plenary meeting held on December 18. Parliamentarians voted to increase the benefits for paying utility bills for families with 10 or more children from 50 to 75%. The purpose of the law-in-draft adopted in the first reading is to improve the standard of living of large families. At today's meeting, the deputies of the Committee considered the amendment to the law-in-draft, proposed by the Tiraspol City Council. The deputies of the capital proposed to establish for such families 100% discount on the payment of utility bills. Now there are 13 families with 10 or more children in the republic. The initiative of the Tiraspol Council of People’s Deputies was supported by members of the relevant committee. The issue will be submitted to the last plenary meeting this year, where the deputies will make a final decision.

1,3 million rubles in the budget for next year is provided for providing schoolchildren from large families with low-income families with school supplies. It will include a diary, notebooks, pencil case, album for drawing, plasticine, colored paper and other accessories. The content of the set of state aid will vary depending on what classes a student from a large family is studying. According to preliminary estimates, those who will receive a set of stationery (its cost will be 234 rubles), there are 5767 students from large families. Families with income below the subsistence level will be able to apply for a benefit.