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The Surcharges for participants in hostilities

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


The head of the profile ministry Elena Kulichenko presented at today's meeting of the Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood, the amendment of the law "On State Pension Provision of Citizens in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic". The law-in-draft, providing for surcharges for participants in hostilities, armed conflicts, combat operations to protect the US

SR on the territory of other states, was sent by President Vadim Krasnoselsky. The need to provide extra allowances was discussed during the meeting of the head of state with Afghan soldiers. It is proposed to increase the amount of pension to participants in military operations to protect the USSR in the territory of other states by 25% of the minimum pension.

Today, the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor registered 192 combatants of this category. More than 200 thousand rubles a year will be needed to implement the law-in-draft. As the Minister for Social Protection and Labor noted, the state has these funds: savings have been created due to the fact that part of Pridnestrovian pensioners began to receive pensions in foreign countries. The profile parliamentary committee recommended to colleagues on the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.