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To preserve judicial potential


The Government presented a legislative initiative to raise wages to representatives of the judicial branch of Government. On May 11, the law-in-draft "On Amendments and Addendum to the Constitutional Law of the PMR "On the Status of Judges in the PMR" was submitted to the Supreme Council. After discussion in the Parliamentary Committee on Legislation, Defense, Security, Peacekeeping, Law Enforcement Agencies, Protection of Citizens' Rights and Freedoms, it was presented for deputy discussion and adopted in the first reading.

After that, the responsible committee accumulated all the amendments received from subjects of the legislative law for consideration of the law-in-draft in the second reading mode. In addition to this, half an hour before the extraordinary session of the Legislative Committee, which was held today, the government received six more amendments to be discussed.

The main stumbling block was the remuneration of the judiciary, who retired for a well-deserved rest by the length of service, but continued to work. Currently, this category has the right to receive wages and monthly lifelong maintenance, which is 80% of the salary. The proposals proposed by the government for discussing the amendments contained a proposal to remove the "judicial pension", replacing the bonus for the experience of 150,000 MW under the law for experienced law-enforcement officers. This was motivated by the budget's ability and the need to adhere to the principle of a balance in the incomes of experienced and novice employees who occupy lower positions in relation to higher ones.

As a compromise, the relevant committee proposed to reduce the amount of monthly life-time maintenance that continues to work for retired judges from 80% of their wages to 50%. A similar norm, by the way, operates in Russia.

As a result, the parties involved in the discussion did not reach a common denominator. The issue was postponed for further study, production of calculations, and consultations between the branches of power.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the profile parliamentary committee on legislation, Galina Antyufeeva, once again noted the inadmissibility of leaving qualified personnel from the judiciary, adding that in general the judicial system operating in the country needs comprehensive reform.