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Комитет по общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


Meeting of the Committee on Public Associations, Sports, Information and Youth Policy was held. Parliamentarians considered a number of relevant issues. Among them there are changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses. The law-in-draft was developed in connection with the previously adopted updated version of the Law “On Information, Information Technologies and on Information Protection”. The document provides for restriction of access to information disseminated in violation of the law, as advised by the prosecutor. This is information containing signs of extremist activity.

The responsibility for failure to comply with the requirements of the law is proposed to be fixed in the Administrative Code. The authors of the law-in-draft are deputies of the profile committee Igor Buga, Andrei Safonov, Ruslan Gareev, Pavel Shinkaryuk. The law-in-draft is recommended for adoption in two readings at once.

Deputies of the profile committee discussed topical issues related to the work of state-run media. Chief editors of state-owned media will be required to submit traditional annual reports of work for the year in May. Parliamentarians will have the opportunity to ask questions.