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Basic law is the first, then the program.


The first on the agenda of the meeting of the parliamentary committee on state regional policy was law-in-draft designed to approve the state program “Regulation of the number of neglected animals in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic by the method of capture – sterilization – vaccination – return to habitat”) for 2019-2024. The law-in-draft entered the Supreme Council from the President in the regime of legislative necessity. It was represented by the official representative of the President in the Supreme Council, Anastasia Kipyatkova.

She noted the reasons for the growth of the population of animals, and this, above all, spontaneous landfills with food waste and ownerless buildings where they can hide. The main idea of ​​the law-in-draft is to use the recommended method, the essence of which is reduced to the sequence of procedures for catching, sterilizing, vaccinating and returning animals to their former habitat.

She also noted that in addressing this long-standing problem, which Pridnestrovians are raising in numerous appeals to government bodies, an integrated approach is important.

The existence of the problem is recognized both by deputies and representatives of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic who took part in the meeting of the relevant committee. At the same time, local authorities are more worried about the lack of space for animal repositories. They are able to allocate land for them, on which they will need to be built.

The head of the parliamentary committee on state regional policy informed the meeting that the Supreme Council adopted in first reading the law-in-draft “On the maintenance of dogs and the regulation of the number of neglected and abandoned dogs in Pridnestrovie”, the collective author of which was the City Council of Bendery. After that, working meetings were held, including with the participation of the Prime Minister. The law-in-draft received amendments, including from the President. There is a lot of work on their discussion and adoption. Apparently, the name of the law-in-draft will be also changed.

Most members of the Committee voted to reject the draft state program.

Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy recommended to colleagues to adopt in the second reading additions to the Housing Code, the essence of which boils down to an increase in the statute of limitations from three to five years for recovery in court of debt for services rendered by housing and communal services. The urgency of the problem is confirmed by the figures: the total number of debtors in the republic amounts to 50 thousand people, the sum of their debts to enterprises of the housing and utilities sector is 153 million 253 thousand rubles.