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Sergei Cheban, "Our common goal is to make life easier for disabled people"


2018 was declared by the President the Year of Equal Opportunities at the initiative of the Supreme Council. Currently, the layout of the action plan for its implementation is coming to an end. Improvement of the legislative framework governing the life of people with disabilities is in the same row. The next draft aimed at supplementing the norms of the current law "On the Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities" was sent to the Supreme Council by the government. Today, it was considered during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Policy, Health, Labor, Family and Childhood Issues.

The main idea of ​​the legislative initiative is the introduction of a legal norm prohibiting all types of discrimination of disabled people. This initiative was born on the basis of numerous appeals from members of public organizations that unite people with disabilities in their ranks. It is noteworthy that these norms have long been a daily practice in many states, including the Russian Federation.

As part of the consideration of the law-in-draft, members of the profile committee expressed positive opinions.

Victor Nikita, the chairman of the Republican public organization "Pridnestrovian Society for the Blind", who took part in the discussion of the law-in-draft "On Amending the Law of the PMR "On the Social Protection of Disabled People", called for considering the possibility of issuing more precise criteria for the disabled to work, and not only at specialized enterprises. He cited in confirmation examples when blind people work as notaries, teachers, and mastered other specialties.

Members of the Parliamentary Committee on the basis of a long discussion of the law-in-draft adopted on it a unanimous decision - to support in the first reading. They appealed with such an appeal, to their colleagues on the deputy corps, who will take a decision within the framework of the plenary session.