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Taking into account the received amendments

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


Members of the profile parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance recommend colleagues in the deputy corps to adopt legislations on the republican budget and the budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund for next year in the third and final reading. These are the main results of the meeting of the responsible committee held today. The people's deputies in the third reading will consider the content of state programs. The most important of them is the program of capital investments. Initially, the total amount reached 350 million rubles. 2-3 rural houses of culture were included in the list of facilities intended for repair and reconstruction for each region. The government then conceptually focused exclusively on the objects of education and health, and the "cost" of the program that was reduced to 186.6 million rubles.

In the course of today's meeting of the committee, amendments were made to the state target program for capital construction. It is planned, in particular, that more than 3 million rubles from its reserve will go to the infection department of the RCB, and 1.8 million rubles will be spent on the capital repair of the capital's kindergarten 39.

There are changes in the republican budget of the current year. Its revenue part will increase by 3.6 million rubles, expendable - by 18.1 million rubles. The deputies of the profile committee voted unanimously for the introduction of these amendments to the law "On the Republican Budget 2017". The new edition of the Customs Code, recently adopted by the Supreme Council, which will be published before January 1, 2018, will also be subjected to an additional adjustment.

The subject of discussion of the members of the profile parliamentary committee was also the issues of transferring the management of vehicles by children and spouses of the PMR defenders, "Chernobyl" and "Afghans", who imported them at the preferential customs tariff, exemption from excises of local producers, economic activity, - from the submission of financial reports.