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Two pensions and free transportation

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


From 1 August this year, the right to receive two pensions was granted to widows who did not remarry, parents whose children became disabled as a result of war injuries, diseases received during the hostilities in the republic or other states, and also if their children participants in the fighting have already passed away. This category of citizens have the right to issue the first retirement pension, long service or disability, and the second - on the occasion of the loss of the breadwinner for the deceased. In practice, a situation arises where family members must have confirmation that they were dependent on him. The parliamentarian Sergey Cheban proposed to cancel such a condition. He proposed to make corresponding changes in some legislative acts.

Having coordinated their positions with the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor, members of the Committee suggested giving the proposed law-in-draft retroactive force so that its norms become effective from August 1 of this year.

Deputies of the profile committee are recommended to adopt the legislative initiative in the first reading.

Another social law-in-draft proposed to adopt the government. Oleg Fedotov, Deputy Minister of Social Security and Labor, introduced amendments to the law “On Social Protection of War Veterans”. It is about granting the right to widows or parents of the lost defenders to free travel on public transport.

The representative of the Ministry focused on the fact that this category of citizens already have the right to free travel upon reaching the retirement age. Accordingly, the state will not incur additional expenses.

Deputies of the profile committee supported the position of the executive body. Parliamentarians, emphasizing the importance of the law-in-draft, decided to recommend to colleagues to adopt it in two readings.

Deputies of the Committee on Social Policy discussed the articles of the draft republican budget for the next year, relating to health and social services. People’s elected representatives were interested in the expenses incurred by the government for food in medical institutions, the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and other socially significant goals.