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Resolving the personnel issue of the fire service

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Future firefighters will be able to get a respite from military service. Such a profession is taught in Pridnestrovie only at the Slobodzeya Polytechnic College. Now it trains 3 groups of 30 people in the specialty "Protection in Emergency Situations". The first release will be next year. The young people will join the ranks of the fire departments. They have experienced a shortage of personnel in recent years. The load on firefighters is constantly growing, the number of visits is increasing.

The Supreme Council is considering the possibility of replenishing the staff of the fire brigade with conscripts. The relevant law-in-draft of the PMR President on making an addition to the Law "On General Military Duty and Military Service" was considered today by the relevant committee on legislation. It is also necessary for the new norm to work to amend the Law of the PMR "On fire safety in the PMR". Thus, the fire service will be able to accept not only those who have served in the army, but also graduates of specialized professional educational institutions.

The deputies supported the opinion of the President. The relevant committee will recommend the proposed legislations for adoption in the first reading.

The professions of firefighters and rescuers at the Slobodzeya Technical School are taught according to Russian educational standards. Students undergo practical training in rescue units and fire departments from the second year. The guys’ education is state-funded. So far, the recruitment was only in Slobodzeya district. Mandatory indicator is the physical development of the applicant. The training program additionally includes marching training, since in the future they will serve in paramilitary units.

The legislations are to be considered by the deputies of the Supreme Council during one of the next plenary sessions. Their adoption, as stated in the explanatory note to the initiative will make it possible to implement the tasks set by the PMR Development Strategy to ensure human safety, to improve efficiency in the field of fire safety and to take measures in case of emergencies.