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Buy Pridnestrovian program is being actively implemented today in our republic. Large-scale information company, exhibitions, fairs are held in all cities of the republic. The main goal is to give our citizens the opportunity to learn about the goods that are produced in Pridnestrovie, to enable them to purchase. It is aimed at promotion of domestic goods and products in our market, to popularization the quality products that our enterprises produce.

The deputies of the committee supported in the second reading the law-in-draft developed by the government. It is aimed at ensuring that trading enterprises, shops, retail chains that sell food products, consumer goods, inform the buyer about goods produced in Pridnestrovie.

These will be specialized signs or inscriptions: “Buy Pridnestrovian!”, “Made in Pridnestrovie”. The legislative initiative provides that the seller will independently determine how to draw up this sign so that it is not too costly and does not incur additional costs that will affect the value of the goods.

At the committee meeting, the law-in-draft was also considered in the second reading, which will make it possible to submit documents to the state registration authorities in electronic format, as well as receive the result of this service in the form of an electronic document.

Legislative initiative was prepared by the government and suggested that 50% of the funds that come from citizens' fees for pre-registration actions will be used to re-equip the material and technical base of the authorities that provide these services.

However, the deputies believe that these funds should be strictly targeted in nature, and should not be spent on the purchase of new furniture or an increase in wages.

Deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the law-in-draft in final reading at the next plenary meeting.