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Deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy recommended a number of legislations for adoption in the first reading to change the provisions of the Civil Code. The government proposes to enshrine at the legislative level the right of state administrations to apply to the registering authority on registration of unowned real estate objects. Currently, this procedure can be carried out legally only by the local government, although in practice the author of the statements is most often the local executive authorities. According to the head of the profile committee Oleg Vasilaty, the proposed rule at the level of the law will resolve the existing legal relations.

Parliamentarians during the meeting of the Committee, examined the legislative initiative of the colleague on the deputy corps Grigory Dyachenko. The law-in-draft provides for the addition of provisions of the law "On Leasing State and Municipal Property". The author proposes to increase the deadline to 10 years, for which it is possible to conclude a lease agreement with state organizations.

As noted in the explanatory note to the law-in-draft, organizations carrying out their economic activities on a gratuitous basis, organizations make long-term capital investments in leased premises. An increase in the lease term of state or municipal property will encourage tenants to keep leased objects in proper condition. One of the examples is ZAO "Pridnestrovskiy Sberbank". Savings banks of this institution, located in cities and villages throughout the country, are located for more than 30 years in buildings that are state and municipal property. Taking into account the social significance of the facilities, the bank independently ensures their activity, repairs and modernizes the premises.

Another legislative initiative of the deputy of the Supreme Council Grigory Dyachenko is aimed at improving the system of local self-government. It was developed on behalf of the Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Shcherba and provides for the introduction into the legal environment of a model regulation of local Soviets of People's Deputies. According to the author's position, local representative authorities have the right to independently determine the rules of their work, a model document is proposed as a basis.

The parliamentarians of the profile committee supported the legislative initiative of the colleague.