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The legal status to Dnestrovsk


A package of four legislative initiatives, fixing the legal status of the satellite city has been submitted for consideration of the Supreme Council. The developer of the legislations was a deputy representing the inhabitants of the city of Dnestrovsk in the Supreme Council, Victor Guzun.

Today, these legislative initiatives were considered in the course of the meeting of the parliamentary committee for state regional policy. According to the presidential decree dated April 6, 2010, the city of Dnestrovsk, which is part of the administrative-territorial unit of the city of Tiraspol, is classified as a "satellite city" of the city of Tiraspol. However, this rule was not enshrined at the legislative level.

The law-in-draft regulates the legal status of the satellite city. A norm is proposed according to which the right to approve the local budget of a satellite city belongs exclusively to the local Council of People's Deputies. Let's remind: the budget of Dnestrovsk is separated from the budget of the capital already three years. This, according to local authorities, allows to spend budget funds more efficiently. Legislative consolidation of this mechanism will positively affect the appearance of the city.

Deputies of the responsible committee recommended the law-in-draft for adoption in the first reading.