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To implement the right to apply to state authorities

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


According to the current legislation, any citizen can apply to the state authority, local self-government, officials, management and in the period established by law to receive an answer. This is spelled out in the Law on Citizens' Appeals. However, legal appeals of legal entities, including public associations, are not provided for by law.

The parliamentarian noted that the Committee received appeals from legal entities faced with similar difficulties. Deputies of the profile committee Victor Guzun, Vadim Doni, Vadim Kravchuk and Vadim Levitsky developed a number of changes to the basic law to fill this legal gap.

The work is continuing on amending provisions of the law "On the development and state support of small business", which defines such categories as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The author of the law-in-draft was Vadim Krasnoselsky being in the of parliamentarian. He proposed to prescribe the status of the concept "medium business" in the law, which would allow the extension of state support to this category of enterprises. The criteria are increasing, according to which enterprises will belong to micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Victor Guzun added that the Supreme Council together with the government will work to ensure that state support measures apply to each of the business entities. Members of the Committee recommended their colleagues in the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the second reading.

Another change in the norms of the law "On the development and state support of small business" was approved at the entrance of today's meeting of the Committee in two readings. Authors are deputies Victor Guzun, Vadim Kravchuk, Vadim Doni and Andrey Mezhinsky - propose to legislatively enshrine the list of priority spheres and types of activity of small businesses, to which state support is applied.