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Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


Deputies adopted amendments to the Marriage and Family Code, proposed by parliamentarians of the Committee on Legislation in the first reading at the last plenary meeting. The idea of ​​resolving existing problems regarding the fulfillment of maintenance obligations was supported. There is a rule that gives the right to alimony to apply to the court to release or reduce the size of the debt in the current legislation. As practice has shown, it needs some work.

The received for consideration of the initiative in the second reading amendments were discussed at the meeting of the relevant committee. In addition to such valid reasons as the illness of the alimony payer, his family and friends, being in places of imprisonment, according to deputies, it is necessary to add military service by conscription to the list.

The lawmakers suppose that legal regulation of this issue will allow debtors to find an opportunity for debt repayment, and not to evade paying alimony. The final decision is up to the deputies.

The parliamentarians of the Legislation Committee considered amendments to the Criminal Code proposed by the Deputy Oleg Petrik. The author proposes to introduce penalties for publicly insulting the President of the PMR, in the performance of his official duties. Their size, in the opinion of the developer of the initiative, should be 350-700 minimum wages or the punishment should be in the form of correctional labor for a period of one to two years or in the form of imprisonment up to five years. Currently, such a norm is absent in the legislation.

The draft also deals with increasing responsibility for the abuse of state symbols (flag, emblem, anthem). The amendments to the Criminal Code proposed by Oleg Petrik were supported by a majority committee.