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Equal opportunities to receive goods and services


The Committee on Legislation prepared for consideration in the second reading a draft law aimed at protecting the rights of a socially vulnerable category of citizens: people with special needs, the elderly and minors. According to the authors of the initiative, the deputies of the Committee, it is necessary to protect their rights in the provision of goods and services. Administrative responsibility is provided for refusal. It has been operating in the Russian Federation for over a year. Amendments to the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses were made due to the increasing frequency of discriminatory cases. People with special needs were not sold air tickets and were banned from cafes and shops.

If the proposed changes are accepted, individual entrepreneurs or legal entities will pay a fine if they refuse to provide a product or service to people with disabilities, the elderly or minors. For individual entrepreneurs it is from 20 to 40 minimum wage (368 - 736 rubles), for legal entities – from 150 to 300 minimum wage (2760 - 5520 rubles).

There are exceptions in which a person with disabilities can be denied, for example, in access to attractions, or a minor in the sale of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, nicotine-containing mixtures and other goods.

Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses in the second reading will be considered by the deputies of the Supreme Council at one of the plenary sessions.