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Extension of the list of types of entrepreneurship

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Parliamentarians of the relevant committee in the first reading considered amendments to the law “Special tax treatment - the patent tax system”. They are proposed by a group of deputies of the Committee. The basis for their development was the appeal of citizens who complained about the inability to implement certain types of entrepreneurial activity, implementation of which is possible within the framework of the patent tax system. The law-in-draft proposed to provide an opportunity for individual entrepreneurs to manufacture, sell, install and repair plastic products based on a patent.

According to colleagues on the Committee, the innovation will increase the economic activity of citizens, will lead to an increase in the number of individual entrepreneurs, and an increase in additional financial revenues to budgets of all levels.

Committee members unanimously supported this initiative.

The author of another legislative initiative is Committee Deputy Vadim Kravchuk. He suggested amending the law "On stimulating entrepreneurial activity in certain territories of the PMR". Today it defines the goals, forms, basic principles, as well as the procedure for state support of entrepreneurial activity in territories with lagging entrepreneurial activity. One form of incentive and support is the provision of benefits for patent fees.

Deputies in the second reading considered amendments to the law "On licensing of certain types of activities". They were proposed by the deputies of the Committee.

The basis for the development of the law-in-draft was a collective appeal received by the Supreme Council from a number of construction organizations.

The deputies of the Committee proposed to establish that for organizations providing services in the sphere of construction, it is not required to obtain a license to carry out work not related to the creation, modification or demolition of structural elements of buildings and structures.

At the same time, the meeting repeatedly emphasized that in the sphere of construction, control should remain. If we talk about the construction of large facilities, then the requirements that are required by law should not be changed.

Deputies consider that this initiative will help builders who are engaged in repair work - they will be able to freely carry out their activities.