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Amendments to the Law “On Road Safety” prepared for second reading were considered at the meeting of the Committee on Legislation. They were formed taking into account the views of stakeholders expressed during the parliamentary hearings. The conversation was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the PMR State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate, representatives of the prosecutor's office, the judicial community, the service of bailiffs, and transport companies. The pros and cons were expressed regarding the legislative initiative of deputies of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeyeva and Oleg Petrik, who believe that traffic officers should use only official vehicles with the blue flashing light in stationary mode during photo and video recording of violations.

The Head of the Control and Legal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Radion Chebotar at today's meeting of the profile committee, on behalf of the head of the profile ministry expressed gratitude for the organization of the hearings, at which it was possible to discuss the current problems from different points of view.

According to the authors of the law-in-draft, measuring the speed of vehicles, photo, video recording of violations of the Rules of the road should be carried out with the information signs established in the Rules of the road, on sections of roads where such fixing is carried out.

At the same time, statistics from recent years indicate that road deaths are not declining. The authors of the law-in-draft noted the need for the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate to not only use the ruble punishment method, but also to conduct explanatory work with road users.

The meeting participants also discussed the possibility of photo and video recording of traffic violations, provided that official vehicles with a blue flashing light are on.

On the basis of the voiced comments, the amendments to the law “On Road Traffic Safety” edited for second reading will be considered during the plenary meeting.