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Against corruption, for the liberalization of responsibility


Deputies of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeeva, Vitaly Kalin, Yakov Galak and Vasily Kunitsky proposed to make a number of changes and additions to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. The legislative initiative was considered during the meeting of the profile parliamentary committee. As noted by its chairman and co-author of the bill Galina Antyufeeva, the document provides for the liberalization of criminal liability for a number of economic crimes. In addition, according to the developers, the proposed measures will reduce the risks of corruption in the course of conducting inquiries and investigations in criminal cases of economic direction.

The authors of the draft law informed the members of the Committee about the dynamics of the investigation of crimes in the sphere of the economy over the past few years. Most of the open criminal cases do not reach the trial. For example, in the five months of last year, out of 246 cases initiated, only 28 were sent to court. One of the reasons may be the corruption component. Unfair participants in criminal proceedings are able to use the gaps in the legislation to remove the perpetrators from responsibility.

The developers of the legislative initiative proposed to approve the list of articles of the Criminal Code, in respect of which it is possible to liberalize responsibility and reduce penalties. Deputies of the profile committee supported the idea of ​​the bill. At the same time, it was noted that the list of offenses requires a separate discussion - the same as the amount of fines. Taking into account the comments, the legislative initiative was recommended for adoption in the first reading.

Deputies of the Committee on Legislation are the authors of the law-in-draft regarding amending the provisions of the constitutional law "On PMR citizenship". The document is designed to simplify the procedure for obtaining Pridnestrovian citizenship by a child born on the territory of the republic. In the opinion of parliamentarians, one of the parents' statements (in the current wording of the law - the statement of both parents is necessary) is sufficient for its registration. The deputies also noted that the law-in-draft would remove the extra barrier in obtaining the citizenship of the PMR, and recommended that the Supreme Council adopt the document in the first reading.