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Systematic and integrated approach

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Tourism will be developed systematically. Deputies of the Committee for Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry considered the state targeted program “Support and development of tourism in Pridnestrovie” for 2019-2026 in the second reading. The main goal of the program is to create a modern competitive tourism industry in the republic. To this end, they will work to improve the quality of the infrastructure and increase the tourist attractiveness in the domestic and foreign markets.

Development of interactive panels with information about the routes, installation of signs of major attractions, creation of a catalog of services are among the planned measures. Platforms for the sale of Pridnestrovian souvenirs will be in the republic. The state program provides for the organization and holding of a large number of events, such as an international tourist meeting, trade fairs and an investment forum.

An active advertising campaign will be launched to promote the tourist product: they will launch the site about Pridnestrovie with full information for tourists, develop outdoor advertising. Pay attention and training for work in the tourism sector.

The total amount of funding will be about 17 million rubles. Attention will be given to gastronomic, ecological, wine, rural, sports and other types of tourism. As it was emphasized today, youth tourism is also promising. International educational meetings and forums can be a good platform to attract young people from all over the world to the republic. Profile Committee recommended adopting the program in the second reading.

The deputies will consider the program of tourism development in the second, final reading at the next plenary meeting.