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Reclamation Complex Restoration Program

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


The Supreme Council at the end of last year adopted the law “On land reclamation in the PMR”. This was preceded by a number of joint meetings of the working group of the Supreme Council and the Government. The deputies and representatives of the Government came to a common opinion that the need to legislatively regulate legal relations associated with the reclamation complex has long ripened. In addition, it is necessary to adopt a state targeted program for the restoration and development of irrigation systems as soon as possible, according to the deputies. Objects were selected, forecast calculation of costs and an action plan for repair and restoration work of the reclamation complex were drawn up as a result of joint work. It is designed for 6 years. Today, the deputies of the profile committee considered the draft State Target Program for the restoration of the land reclamation complex of the republic.

The total amount of funds for the implementation of the program is 174 million rubles. The expansion of irrigated areas will amount to 38280 hectares. It is planned to restore and reconstruct 41 pumping stations in 6 years. Land users will take part in the implementation of the project. They will help restore on-farm irrigation networks.

It is planned to restore irrigation to 36.9 thousand hectares by 2026, increase the yield of agricultural crops from 50 to 80%, increase the percentage of providing the population with food of its own production and expand the raw material base for the processing industry. In addition, the program is aimed at reducing the volume of imported agricultural products, as well as creating additional jobs.

The Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex will recommend the Supreme Council to adopt the draft State Target Program "Restoration and Development of the Reclamation Complex of the PMR for 2021–2026" in the first reading.