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Cardiovascular Disease Treatment and Prevention Program

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The Supreme Council received a draft state target program for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. A new program for Pridnestrovie was developed by the order of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and is designed for 5 years. The deputies and specialists of the Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare have studied what the Ministry of Health sets the tasks, what are the measures and the amount of financing of the state target program. The issue was considered at an online meeting of the Committee.

The development of the program, according to the deputy minister of the relevant department, is due to the fact that diseases of the circulatory system are one of the main problems for human health.

The activities of the five-year program are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge of people on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the form of broadcasting videos promoting healthy lifestyles, publishing posters and leaflets.

It is planned to pay attention to the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. It is necessary for this to purchase electrocardiographs and ultrasound machines for examining patients with cardiovascular pathologies, stress tests and other measures will be carried out. A phased purchase of equipment and training of specialists are provided. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Health, the costs of early diagnosis of diseases amount to 11 million 705 thousand rubles. Financing is planned from the republican budget and the Capital Investment Fund.

It is planned to equip the republic's medical institutions and intensive care wards in cardiological and neurological departments of hospitals with the necessary equipment to provide urgent (emergency) care. The Ministry of Health plans to budget over 8 million rubles (over 5 years) for these points.

People over 40 years old will determine lipid profile indicators at the outpatient and inpatient stages of medical care to identify and monitor risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. This is a comprehensive study that determines the level of fats in various blood fractions and allows you to detect a violation of lipid (fat) metabolism, thereby assessing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 3.5 million rubles are planned to be allocated from the republican budget for these purposes.

It is planned to provide patients with acute myocardial infarction with medicines. The Head of the Committee on Social Policy and Healthcare Sergei Cheban, as part of the discussion of the draft program at the committee meeting, was interested in the possibility of simplifying the system of receiving medicines for people in villages.

The total amount of financing of the state target program "Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the PMR for 2022–2026" under the project is 20 million 877 thousand rubles: 11.5 million - from the republican budget and over 9 million - from the Capital Investment Fund.

The program is aimed at improving the quality of medical care for the population, at reducing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases by 5-10%.