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Profile issues of the Committee for the agro-industrial complex

Комитет по вопросам АПК, промышленности, транспорту, строительству и природным ресурсам


The Committee on the agro-industrial complex today continued to work on legislative initiatives. In particular, the deputies discussed the changes being made to the Land Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses, as well as legislative norms in the field of state regulation of the tariff for irrigation water supply services.

Additions to two laws at once will regulate pricing for centralized water supply services for the purpose of irrigation by the state reclamation system. The authors of the submitted legislations are a group of deputies and the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. According to the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Rozenberg, who took part in the work of the Committee, the legislations are alternative. However, Chairman of the Committee for the Agro-Industrial Complex Oleg Leontyev, does not agree. The documents complement each other and regulate various aspects in terms of changing tariffs for the reclamation complex of Pridnestrovie, he considers. Both legislations were adopted by the Committee in the first reading. They will be submitted for consideration by the plenary session in the near future.

Additions to the Land Code of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic are designed to clarify the powers of the Government in the field of state property management. We are talking about the transfer of land, even the smallest plot, from one category to another. Now the documents necessary for this procedure are being prepared by local state administrations and submitted to the Government of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, where the final decision is made. At the same time, in some cases, when the participation of the Government is not required, this procedure can be simplified. For example, this concerns applications for the transfer of land plots for the placement of artesian wells for water supply to settlements or for the equipment of communication facilities. The adoption of such decisions can be significantly accelerated. The law-in-draft will be included in the agenda of one of the next plenary sessions.

With regard to amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, the Parliament adopted the document in the first reading in April. It was about the punishment for dangerous driving and deliberate drifting in particular. Now the law-in-draft is being prepared for the second reading. It is proposed to establish administrative liability for drifting higher than for violating other prohibitions provided for by the Rules of the Road in order to avoid the creation of emergencies – a fine of 50 to 100 of the minimum wage. This is from 920 to 1840 rubles. The chairman of the Committee on the agro-industrial complex Oleg Leontiev noted, that violators will pay for crossing the double continuous.