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Food sets for children with disabilities (amended)

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Deputies of the Committee for Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry considered in two readings the law-in-draft with amendments and additions to the law "On measures of state support in connection with the introduction of state of emergency and restrictive measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection caused by a new type of COVID-19 virus in 2020".

The law-in-draft concerns social support for disabled children. Deputies Alexander Korshunov and Oleg Petrik made a legislative initiative.

The deputies received many appeals from the parents of disabled children. Some children from this category are brought up in special rehabilitation institutions, some are at home due to quarantine, some do not attend any institutions at all. This category of children with disabilities did not fall under the provisions of the law, which gives the right to receive food packages for children who eat free or on preferential terms.

With the implementation of the mechanism for providing food sets for schoolchildren, who on school days have the right to receive free meals or meals on preferential terms, the procedure for providing the same guarantee to inmates of rehabilitation medical, social and preventive institutions who are disabled and have the right to providing free meals, as well as disabled children who do not attend any institutions.

After signing by the President and entry into force of this law, its effect will extend to the period from June 16. That is, since the end of the emergency and the onset of quarantine measures.

All children with disabilities who attend specialized educational institutions or study remotely in educational institutions, until the end of quarantine, will receive food packages by analogy, as well as benefit children.

The deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry will recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the law-in-draft in two readings at once.