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Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


Among the issues considered during the regular meeting of the Committee on Legislation is the information of the Arbitration Court on the results of activities over the past year. Recall that this judicial body protects the rights and legitimate interests of enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens in the sphere of entrepreneurial and other economic activities, resolves economic and property disputes. The report submitted to parliamentarians contains an abundance of statistical data.

Previously, the information on the outcome of the work of the judicial body was reviewed by the parliament at the meeting of the deliberative meeting of the first Pridnestrovian deputies. Then the chairman of the Arbitration Court, Alexander Kiyko, said that in recent years there has been a tendency to reduce a number of appeals to the Arbitration Court. Last year, about 900 cases were submitted to the judges, which is 150 less in comparison with 2017. The report on the activities of the judiciary was also considered at a plenary session with the participation of the President, the Chairman of the Supreme Council. Today the Deputy Chairman Oksana Shidlovskaya at the meeting of the relevant committee reminded the deputies that the President gave a positive assessment of the results of the work of the Arbitration Court.

Deputies of the profile committee took note of the report. It will be considered by the deputy corps in the near future during the plenary session.

Parliamentarians at the meeting of the Committee on Legislation considered amendments to the Code on Administrative Offenses received from the President. They concern the uniform application of the name of the state security service bodies. The parliamentarians decided to recommend the proposed law-in-draft to recommend the deputies to adopt in two readings.