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Ability to temporarily suspend activities

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Deputies of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Industry held the first meeting in this parliamentary season. The procedure of the third reading in the profile committee adopted a package consisting of five legislative initiatives. The authors are deputies Victor Guzun, Vadim Doni, Vadim Kravchuk. The basis for drafting the legislations was the appeals of economic entities facing difficulties in doing business. Entrepreneurs do not want to permanently liquidate the enterprise, hoping that the situation in the republic will change for the better. Legislators proposed to provide such legal entities with the opportunity to temporarily suspend their activities.

The committee supported the legislative initiative, developed by the government with the participation of representatives of the business community. It is proposed to release a number of activities from licensing. Amendments are made to the law "On licensing of certain types of activities". In the submitted law-in-draft it is a question of six kinds of activity (manufacturing of awards and medals, checking of measuring instruments, services on rendering assistance in employment, etc.). Those who wish to engage in these activities will not bear the costs associated with obtaining a license. The proposed measures will give impetus to the development of certain types of entrepreneurial activity. The deputies of the Committee supported the idea of ​​the law-in-draft.

However, according to parliamentarians, the list of activities that will not be licensed is subject to discussion. Representatives of the Prosecutor's Office also spoke against the proposed list.