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To balance the system

Комитет по развитию предпринимательства и промышленности


Since April, new tax system has been operating in the republic. Individual entrepreneurs were offered a choice of 3 tax regimes: for self-employed persons, a patent and a simplified system. Now deputies and representatives of the Government continue to work on adjusting innovations.

The legislations were considered today in the course of the meeting of the Committee. The parliamentarians decided on the amount of compensation for the purchase of thermal printers necessary for checks. The amount will be 55 MW. Working under the simplified tax system will reduce the tax burden. Thus, the state will reimburse the costs of introducing online cash desks. The law-in-draft is recommended for adoption in the second reading.

Among the amendments that have been supported today, preferential categories of citizens working on the “simplified payment system” will provide benefits for social payments.

Earlier, a resident of Tiraspol told about the problem at the reception of citizens, which makes souvenirs and sells them as an individual entrepreneur. This is an additional income to the pension for the woman. To work, she needs to procure materials in neighboring states. However, a self-employed person is not entitled to carry out foreign economic activity. To do business, the entrepreneur will need to switch to a simplified tax system. If the changes come into force, the pensioner can apply for a patent with a substantial benefit.