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The right to receive payments

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


This year, disabled participants in the hostilities will receive compensation for the repair of cars previously issued by the State. This legal norm is spelled out in the law on the republican budget for the current year. The right to payment is granted once after seven years of operation of the car. The compensation will be 9292 rubles. 57 people will receive it. These are citizens who have become disabled as a result of injury, contusion, injury or illness, received during the Great Patriotic War, while defending Pridnestrovie or performing international duty in the territory of Afghanistan. State spending on these goals will be approximately 530 thousand rubles. It is necessary for the practical implementation of this mechanism to make additions to the law “On the budget of the Unified State Social Insurance Fund of the PMR”. The corresponding legislative initiative was considered by deputies of the Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance.