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To increase the responsibility of law enforcement agencies

Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


The Committee on Legislation recommended amendments to the Criminal Code for adoption in the second reading. In accordance with the law-in-draft, it was proposed to define criminal liability for unjustified prosecution of entrepreneurs by law enforcement officers, if these actions led to large damages or the termination of entrepreneurial activity.

The explanatory note to the law-in-draft states that the basis for initiating the initiative was the cases when the entrepreneur enters the field of investigation when a criminal case is opened on the fact of the crime committed. The case can be investigated for several months, and then terminated, for example, due to new circumstances. In this case, it can be deliberately false or started out of mercenary motives. While the case is under investigation, the business is idle, which in the end can lead to its cessation. The law-in-draft is intended to protect entrepreneurs from possible illegal actions, to exclude the corruption component.

The parliamentarians are convinced that this measure demonstrates to entrepreneurs that legislative support for business development will be provided in the future.

The parliamentarians continued work on the law-in-draft, which concerns amendments to the law "On universal military duty". When the initiative was adopted in the first reading, the deputy corps agreed with the proposal of the colleagues deputies Galina Antyfeeva and Oleg Belyakov to provide for the possibility of granting a postponement from military service to students who receive the first higher education outside of Pridnestrovie, not only in the direction of state bodies, but also independently. Legislators noted the urgency of introducing this rule of law. Earlier, its absence led to the fact that the children studying abroad had criminal cases. Young people are not free to come home, because they are wanted.

Today's meeting of the Committee considered received amendments to the law-in-draft. One of them is to reinforce the law so that young citizens who are not willing to become violators can freely return or come to Pridnestrovie. The work on the law-in-draft will continue. The profile committee discussed the legislative initiative presented by the Prosecutor of PMR. He made a proposal to supplement the list of grounds for conducting extraordinary supervisory activities. As the official representative of the author of the law-in-draft noted, today the prosecutor's office cannot, for example, require other control bodies to conduct an unscheduled inspection, if necessary. As a confirmation of this, Deputy Oleg Petrik cited an example when last year the republican prosecutor's office could not instruct the tax inspectorate to check NEC company, although there was sufficient factual basis for this. The profile committee supported the initiative of the supervisory authority.