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Increase efficiency


Deputies of the Supreme Council Anton Onufienko, Alexander Scherba, Vasily Kunitsky, Valentin Matveychuk and Jacob Galak were the authors of the supplement to the Housing Code. The law-in-draft is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the mechanism for the recovery of debt for housing and communal services. Today there are more than 50 thousand debtors in the republic. The amount of debt to power supply organizations and organizations that manage apartment buildings is more than 150 million rubles. Due to non-payment of services by consumers, housing and utility organizations are not able to fully perform work. Depreciation of engineering networks of electricity, heat, gas, water supply and drainage today reaches 70-90%.

This law-in-draft is recommended by deputies of the Committee on State Regional Policy for adoption in the first reading.

A group of parliamentarians initiated amendments to the law “On local public hearings in the administrative-territorial units of the PMR”. The law-in-draft deals with the consolidation of the possibility, and not the obligation, of holding local public hearings on the construction and reconstruction of urban planning facilities.

Colleagues from the parliamentary committee on legislation in the conclusion of the law-in-draft focused on the need to protect the interests of citizens in this matter.

Deputies of the profile committee will recommend the law-in-draft for adoption in the first reading. Comments in the form of amendments will be considered in the preparation of the document for the second reading.