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Комитет по законодательству, правоохранительным органам, обороне, безопасности, миротворческой деятельности, защите прав и свобод граждан


The benefits of providing housing for orphans and children without parental care were discussed today by the Committee on Legislation, Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense, and the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens. Now orphans enjoy the right to receive extraordinary housing and its preferential privatization. But when they reach 18 years of age, they lose this right. Deputies of the Supreme Council Galina Antyufeyeva, Oleg Belyakov, Grigory Dyachenko, Vitaliy Kalin and Oleg Petrik proposed the legislative initiative to extend this benefit until the actual receipt of housing.

Another legislative initiative of a group of deputies concerns the procedure for conducting inspections in the exercise of state control. The tax service can check the company no more than once every three years. The documents can be checked for different periods - both five and for 10 years. The statute of limitations is not defined.

The committee will recommend that the parliament at the plenary session adopt the legislations in the first reading.