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Additional Qualifications Obtaining

Комитет по образованию, науке, культуре, общественным объединениям, спорту, информационной и молодежной политике


Students of colleges, technical schools and universities will be able to receive additional qualifications at the same time as they study their main specialty. Medical students of secondary vocational education organizations can choose the qualification of a massage therapist, and future historians, biologists or chemists will have the opportunity to additionally master a professional retraining program in the direction of "Teacher", for example. The corresponding changes to the relevant laws were discussed today by the deputies of the Committee on Education, Public Associations and the Media at an online meeting.

Changes to the legislation will allow students to be more competitive, says the explanatory note to the law-in-draft. Only those who already have vocational education can master the programs of additional education for professional retraining today, and the labor market has increased the requirements for specialists, the emphasis is on multilateral professional and personal development.

The norms for obtaining additional qualifications by a student are also in Russian legislation. The profile committee recommends the law-in-draft for adoption in the first reading. Amendments to the laws "On additional education", "On education", "On higher and postgraduate vocational education", the deputies of the Supreme Council will consider at one of the plenary sessions.