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Support of doctors and child protection

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


Deputies considered the initiatives of colleagues in the course of the meeting of the Committee on Social Policy. Ilya Vasiliev, a parliamentarian, proposed to supplement the norms of the Labor Code. The law-in-draft proposes to increase the medical staff surcharge for urgency. Today, according to the Government decree, it is 20%.

Ilya Vasiliev considers it necessary to equate the rights of Pridnestrovian doctors with their colleagues from the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. The opinion of the deputy was supported by colleagues from the Committee on Social Policy. The law-in-draft is recommended for adoption in the first reading.

The Supreme Council is preparing law-in-draft submitted by Deputy of the Supreme Council Grigory Dyachenko, which adjusts the provisions of the law "On protecting health of citizens from exposure to ambient smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" for consideration in the third reading. The author proposed to establish a ban on the sale of devices simulating tobacco smoking (electronic cigarettes) to minors and prohibit their use in public places. Members of the Committee on Social Policy Sergey Cheban, Vladimir Pelin and Yuri Kravchuk called for further improvement of legislation in this area and proposed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. The law-in-draft provides for the imposition of an administrative fine for the use of devices simulating tobacco smoking by minors, as well as for involving a minor in the process of consuming tobacco and tobacco products and the use of devices simulating tobacco consumption. In addition, it is proposed to establish a ban on their sale to minors, sponsorship or advertising.

The final decision on the legislations is for the deputy corps.

The Supreme Council also approved a draft state target program aimed at preventing HIV / AIDS infections for 2020–2024. Members of the relevant committee will recommend the adoption the document in plenary.