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The Support for Young Families

Комитет по социальной политике, здравоохранению, труду, вопросам семьи и детства


The law "On state support for young families for the purchase of housing" came into force in March 2020. Families can receive a state subsidy in the first 5 years after marriage, and in the case of the birth of children - without limiting the duration of the marriage. The condition is that one of the spouses must be up to 35 years old. The support also extends to single-parent families. Many of them were unable to exercise their right to receive preferential subsidies last year, as funds were not provided for in the budget. This state support started this year, and some state employees lost the right to receive it due to exceeding the age of 35. The deputies of the Supreme Council Grigory Dyachenko, Anton Onufrienko and Sergei Cheban, whom the voters addressed on this issue in the constituencies, initiated amendments to the anti-crisis law.

Deputies of the profile committee unanimously supported this initiative. Amendments to the law "On measures of state support in connection with the introduction of state of emergency and (or) restrictive measures (quarantine) aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection caused by a new type of COVID-19 virus in 2020 and 2021" are recommended for adoption at the plenary session in the first reading.