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Support for large families raising children with disabilities

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


People with disabilities from childhood in group I from large families will have benefits for correspondence courses in vocational education organizations. According to the current legislation, such students are entitled to benefits only on a full-time basis. For health reasons, people with disabilities of the 1st group are forced to study on a "correspondence course", respectively, today they cannot take advantage of the benefits for education, which rely on large families.

A group of deputies of the Supreme Council proposed to amend the norms of the law "On state support for large families". The reason for the development of the law-in-draft was the appeal of voters.

Deputies of the Education Committee have prepared law-in-draft for consideration in the second reading. They propose to amend and expand the concept of "large family". This will also include a family with 3 or more children and who brings up a disabled person from childhood of I, II or III groups, who is studying in vocational education organizations by correspondence, until the end of his studies, but no more than until the age of 23.

It is planned that the amended law will come into force from the beginning of next year.