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Support for small organizations in the construction industry

Комитет по вопросам АПК, транспорту, строительству, природным ресурсам и экологии


Deputies of the committee on agricultural issues considered a number of legislations in the first reading. One of them is the initiative of the deputy of the Supreme Council Grigory Dyachenko, who proposed amending certain provisions of the law “On Road Safety”. It is proposed to provide an opportunity for citizens to drive a car with a trailer attached to it exceeding a weight of 750 kg, if there is a category “B” driver's license. Now the norm is up to 750 kg.

According to the developer, it is unclear how this restriction helps to improve road safety, despite the fact that the weight of the equipped trailer significantly exceeds 750 kg, and the weight of a passenger car is on average 1.5–2 tons.

The committee members supported the legislative initiative and recommend that the Supreme Council adopt the draft law in the first reading.

Law-in-draft “On Amending and Adding to Some Legislative Acts of Pridnestrovie” was proposed in the first reading by the government. This is regarding parking spaces for vehicles. The intensive growth of the car fleet, along with the growing business activity in the cities, put forward the number of acute problems associated with a sharp increase in the level of load on roads and the lack of comfortable parking. First of all, it affected Tiraspol and Bendery.

Overloading roads and urban street-road networks leads to lower speeds and reliability of the delivery of passengers and goods, an increase in the cost of road transport, an increase in the number of road accidents, emissions of pollutants and traffic noise. According to the developers, it is necessary to take into account the relationship between the prevailing traffic conditions and the practice of public parking, the state and level of development of street-road networks, the level of development and quality of public transport services, and the use of modern methods and means of organizing traffic. Changes to laws are designed to improve the existing situation.

Deputies of the committee supported the proposals of the Government, recommending their colleagues in the deputy corps to adopt the law-in-draft in the first reading.

A group of deputies of the committee on agribusiness issues took the legislative initiative to introduce amendments to the law “On licensing of certain types of activities”. Its goal is to support small organizations in the construction industry.

Today, a construction company, having a license for one subtype of activity, is obliged to contain a large staff of specialists, despite the fact that in practice, some of them are involved in the implementation of construction work either at a certain stage or in isolated cases.

However, in practice, small construction organizations cannot contain an expanded staff. In some cases, existing requirements are not feasible due to a lack or shortage of personnel, in particular specialists with specialization.

The proposed draft law proposes to establish: the license applicant (an organization providing construction services) must have in the state at the main place of work managers and specialists capable of carrying out work in the declared field of activity by their education and work experience or attract managers under civil law contracts and specialists of the corresponding profile for carrying out work in the declared field of activity.

The deputies of the committee will recommend parliament to adopt this law-in-draft at the next plenary meeting in the first reading.