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Support Agricultural Processors


It is necessary to support agricultural producers involved in the processing of products in the current conditions. The legislative initiative of the PMR Government is aimed at this. There has been an increase in gross agricultural output of all categories in recent years in Pridnestrovie. This is happening against the backdrop of government support measures for the agricultural sector.

It is necessary to switch to deep processing of grain and fruits and vegetables within the republic for the development of our agricultural sector. This is noted in the State Agro-Industrial Complex Development Program for 2019–2026.

According to the relevant committee, in order for agricultural producers to invest in the development of processing, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the work of this area, including through state support in the field of taxation.

The law-in-draft provides for the possibility of applying fixed agricultural tax and tax exemptions for organizations with a full production cycle. This may be our own products, as well as products made from purchased raw materials grown in our country.