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Three-year plan

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


As it was noted by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maria Glushkova, who presented the document, the concept is a key element of the budget process. The main financial document for 2019 on its basis will be formed. The draft concept is a voluminous document consisting of two parts that contain retrospective and sectoral analysis.

Previously, the share of government spending was about 50% of GDP, while there was underfunding in various areas. For example, expenditures in the education system amounted to 1 billion rubles or 8.5% of GDP. At the same time, 90% was labor costs. By 2017, the crisis situation has developed in the sphere of pensions, in the real sector of the economy. According to the developers of the concept - the only true direction that can change the situation is the expansion of the economic base and tight budget regulation. A representative of the Ministry of Economic Development voiced several planned figures. So, by 2020, the share of overall costs should be 41% of GDP, the tax burden on the economy in the medium term is 28%, while in 2015-16 it exceeded 30%.

Commenting on the results of the discussion, the head of the committee also noted that special attention was paid to the trust funds. The volume of their financing in the next three years will increase.

According to the chairman of the committee, a lot of interest was raised about other trust funds - environmental, road.

They also talked about the development of the e-government institute. As noted by Alexander Korshunov, it was confirmed that the road map, formed in 2017, in the medium term will be implemented. The creation of a public services portal is one of the directions of this roadmap.

One more figure, indicated in the concept is the government assumes economic growth at the level of 7-8% per year. This will positively affect the financing of such socially important areas as health and education.

Summing up the consideration of the document that will determine the budget and tax policy for the next three years, Alexander Korshunov noted that the draft concept was quickly reviewed by the parliamentary committees and gave positive conclusions. The Economic Committee also recommended the draft concept for adoption in the first reading.