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PSU: program development

Комитет по образованию, науке и культуре


In the course of the previous plenary session the Supreme Council adopted in the first reading the law-in-draft “On the State Target Program “Development Strategy of Pridnestrovian State University named after T.G. Shevchenko for the period 2019-2023". Interested parties were consulted, which allowed taking into account the positions of the parties to the legislative process. The Committee on Education, Science and Culture received 26 amendments, and that was all for adoption by the second reading. They were unanimously supported during the meeting.

This is not the first development program of the main university of the republic. The previous ones were adopted by the Supreme Council and have already been implemented.

The target program was recommended to the deputies by the responsible committee for final reading to involve the budget sources of financing for its implementation, as well as the funds that PSU receives through the provision of paid educational services. The head of the profile committee expressed the hope that other investment resources would also appear that could be obtained from outside. They will allow the main university to solve those problems that cannot be solved within the framework of existing funding and ongoing activities.

Members of the parliamentary committee in the final reading approved proposed by the government law-in-draft concerning the remuneration of certain categories of teachers. The document will restore payments for the qualification category to teaching staff of the two social security organizations subordinated to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor. These are pedagogical staff of the Republican Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children and the Republican Specialized Orphanage. After a number of legislative changes, these organizations “dropped out” from the list of organizations whose employees are entitled to receive a premium for the qualification category.

The principle of social justice by means of amendments to the law-in-draft will also be extended to workers conducting pedagogical activities in schools with gymnasium and lyceum classes.