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Redistribution of budget funds and cashless payments

Комитет по экономической политике, бюджету и финансам


The PMR President proposed amending the law on consumer protection in order to make as many payments within the republic as possible in non-cash form. For the use of payment systems that are the property of resident banks of the PMR this is a norm that will oblige legal entities to establish cash dispensers. The purpose is to provide the opportunity to use local payment cards of our republic. There are a number of exceptions. Remote trade and some other types of trade are not under the law. This obligation is excluded in those districts where there is no Internet. The amendments to the law on domestic trade, considered by the Committee, suggest that the acquisition of goods can be carried out both in cash and by bank transfer. It is also proposed starting July 1 of this year to transfer all public sector employees to non-cash. The law-in-draft adoption was recommended by the committee in the first reading. The committee recommended the Supreme Coundil to continue work on it, since during the discussion the deputies made a number of comments and suggestions.